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Be sure to download the JobTracks Jobdiva MyTime App for your weekly time sheets. The app is available on iTunes and Google Play. Just click the link to download.



How do I create an account?

To create an account, you will need to apply to a job or register with JobTracks via the Candidate Portal. Creating an account on the JobTracks Prime is the first step in managing your job search on our website. Once you have an account set up, you have the opportunity to, create job alerts. These alerts will notify you of new job opportunities that match your interests as they become available.

How do I reset my password if I have forgotten it?

Click the "forgot password?" link under the entry field for "password" on the sign in page. You'll be prompted to enter your email address, which is also your username. After you hit "submit," an email with a temporary link to reset your password will be sent to you. When requesting a new password, every time the password reset is used, the temporary link in any previous emails will no longer work. Always look for the most recent email that is sent to you.

How do I narrow or expand my job search results?

You can focus your search by Keywords, job title, and zip code

How do I access my On-Boarding Documents and Timesheets?

To view, or complete your On-Boarding Document, log on the JobTracks Candidate Portal > My Profile > My On-Boarding. This will show you all of the assigned On-Boarding documents, as well as all completed and documents for review.
You will use the same JobTracks Candidate Portal to access your weekly timesheets. Candidate Portal >Timesheets. Timesheets are due Friday by the end of your shift. Please note, if your time sheets are submitted late, we may not be able to process your payroll until the following week. For more information view your timesheet user guide in your on-boarding documents.

How do I view my pay stubs and/or view my W-2 records?

On or around your first day, you will receive a registration email from "Payroll Vault" asking you to register for our employee self-service portal. You will use this site to view your weekly paycheck stubs, update/verify your withholding status/allowances on your W4, and you will also use this self-service portal to access your W2 form when available. (Be sure to check your spam folder) see "View My Pay" in your on-boarding documents for more information.

How do I request Sick Pay?

JobTracks Offers Paid sick leave for CA and AZ temporary employees. To request Paid Sick Leave, you will need to complete the Paid Sick Leave Request form: click here to download. For more details, see JobTracks Paid Sick Leave Policy that can be found in your On-Boarding documents..

If I am unable to make it to work, who should I notify?

When placed on assignment, and you feel you will not be able to make it in, you will need to notify you primary recruiter immediately as well as your immediate supervisor at your job location.le.

Am I eligible for health benefits?

In addition to Paid Sick leave, all temporary employees hired by JobTracks Inc., will be offered an opportunity to enroll in our comprehensive medical benefits package offered through Anthem Blue Shield. For eligibility information, refer to our JobTracks Benefits Information that can be found in your On-Boarding documents.

I am still having issues, who should I call?

If you still need assistance, you can contact the JobTracks Customer Service Center at 888.348.1221

Corporate Office
578 Washington Blvd. Suite 680
Marina del Rey, CA 90292

Human Resources / Payroll
(323) 450 2150