Think Your Title Sales Job is Safe....? Guess Again.

Posted by Matt Johnston - 12 November, 2018


Consolidation is all the rage in the title industry these days. Think your job is safe? That’s not what we see.

Industry instability and job security don’t mix.

Very often when one company acquires another, the first thing they look to do is eliminate duplication of cost bases. That ‘duplication’ includes escrow officers and sales reps.

If you think the market trends foster job security, you are sadly mistaken.

One company’s loss is another’s gain, and we feel that prudence dictates all revenue generating employees be on the lookout for opportunities to prosper from all the market volatility.

We can help.

JobTracks Executive Search division for Title Insurance Revenue Drivers is here to assist with helping you determine your worth in the market. Our specialty is helping you answer questions such as:

  • Are you getting the compensation you deserve?
  • How do discreetly explore the market without risking alerting your current employer?
  • What else is out there that you don’t know about?

JobTracks Book Valuation Services: Our Team will conduct an interview with you to understand you and your business. If the decision is made to go forward, our Team will create a unique anonymous profile that tells your story while leaving your identity and current company anonymous. This profile is then taken to our current clients and other targets identified by you to assess the worth of your “Book” in the marketplace. Done correctly, your value will be determined by multiple suitors who independently value your worth to their organization. The choice to move forward or not and accept an offer is 100% up to our Candidates.

Sometimes, the best way to find out what something is worth is to find out what someone will pay for it. You and your career are just like that. We can find out what’s out there and allow you to make a decision on whether to stay where you are or explore other opportunities on a fully informed basis.

More information is always better than less.

All conversations will be held in 100% confidence as my reputation of highest levels of confidentiality, earned over my 21 years of Title recruiting is on the line as well. 


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