Posted by Otto Suarez - 13 September, 2019


There has never been a better time to change jobs!

Discover your market worth in the Dallas/Fort Worth Greater Metropolitan Area.  

Have you been putting your career in escrow? What do I mean by that? According to Wikipedia, “Being in escrow is a contractual arrangement in which a third party receives and disburses money or property for the primary transacting parties…The disbursement is dependent on conditions agreed to by the transacting parties.” So, placing your career in escrow means putting your future ability to produce a higher income on someone outside of your control. Why would you do that? 

There are many reasons why people choose to stay in a job. The main reason is fear of the unknown. Even when the conditions at their current position are not ideal, this fear freezes most people in escrow. I have seen people stay in situations with no opportunity for advancement, inconvenient location, and a horrible boss! Still others are not comfortable with change. They rather endure the pain and suffering caused by their current situation than take the uncomfortable approach of putting themselves out there to change their future. 

Although these fears are genuine, there has never been a better, and safer time, to release yourself from escrow and take a chance. The job opportunities for Escrow Officers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Greater Metropolitan Area are significant and growing. Just today, 9/13, there were 47 job openings for Escrow Officers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and that is just jobs listed in one job board. That does not include the hidden job market, and jobs posted on countless other job boards. So, the availability of opportunities means it is prime for changing jobs. 

What’s holding you back? Take control of the fears holding you back and test the job market. We have included a salary calculator on this page for Escrow Officers in the Dallas/Fort Worth Greater Metropolitan Area. Just select the years of experience you have in escrow to discover what you may be able to earn if you changed jobs.  

If you like what you see on our salary calculator, and want a more detailed salary evaluation based on aggregate market data and the uniqueness of your experience, click on the "I want to learn my exact market value" button below. We will get in contact with you to discuss your market potential and the opportunities we have available in your area. 


Otto Suarez
Executive Recruitment Manager


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I want to learn my exact market value

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