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The writing is on the wall. These 9 signs are a clear indication you are stuck in a dead-end job!

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Sometimes, the only way to move up is to move on. Staying in a bad job for too long can be harmful to your career. A dead-end job is one where you see no opportunity for growth. If everyday tasks seem like a burden, you get no appreciation or acknowledgement for your work, or you are simply ignored. These are a few signs that signal it is time to move on. 

However, before you give up, you need to figure out what you want your next step in your career to be. You may not be stuck in a dead end job...it may simply be that you are at a job that you no longer want to do. In that case, a career change is the right direction for you. If you find that you really enjoy what you do, but you don't like the company, the culture, its policies, your boss or your co-workers, then a move out may be the best alternative. 

Here are 9 signs that will tell you if you are stuck in a dead-end job. 

  1. The company or your boss is not interested in your career goals. 
    You are never asked about your career goals, or even if you are, the company pays not attention to what you say. They don't offer any professional development to get to the next level or they don't allow you to attend events that will further your career.

  2. Your ideas, contributions or opinions are not valued.
    You feel like no one cares or listens to what you have to say. They put you on a shelf and are only concerned with the amount or quality of work you are doing.

  3. You are left out of the loop.
    There are decisions being made and you are not included. A new, big project comes around and you never even hear about it. You are left out of meetings where you know you should have been included.

  4. They hire from the outside for the promotion you were seeking.
    Instead of promoting from within, they hire outside for the high-level positions. You have been doing the same task for more than two years without an increase in pay, responsibility or title and you are passed on for a promotion you know you deserved. 

  5. You have a horrible boss who has been with the company forever and is not going anywhere.
    A bad boss who is well liked by management may never leave. Even if you feel that you can wait out a bad boss, that may not be a good move on your part. Are you willing to stay 5 years waiting for someone to leave so you can advance in your career?

  6. You hate Monday mornings.
    You have lost your passion. You no longer are enthusiastic about going to work. You dread having to face the same people or the same boring routine. 

  7. Your personal life is suffering.
    You are working too many hours to show your boss or the company that you are committed. You are stressed, tired and miserable when you get to go home, and you never recharge due to the worry. It starts to affect your relationships and your personal responsibilities at home. 

  8. Your values and the company's values do not align.
    There may be cultural differences or ethical differences between both of you. The way the company runs operations may not align with your moral values.

  9. You are worrying yourself sick.
    Stress is one of the main killers in our society. No job is worth dying for it. 
If you are experiencing one or more of these signs at your current job. It may be time to start looking for something better. The good new is that there has never been a better time to change jobs! Are you putting your future ability to get ahead and produce a higher income on someone or some entity outside of your control? Why would you do that? Find out what you are worth in the job market. Challenge yourself to discover new job opportunities that may offer the career advancement you deserve. You may be pleasantly surprised.


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Otto Suarez
Executive Recruitment Manager


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