How We Work

JobTracks offers extensive recruitment and screening processes to refer only the most qualified and best experienced candidates for your staffing needs.

This includes:

  • Recruitment through employee referrals, Industry Referral Network,

  • outplacement services, advertising, networking and JobTracks industry-specific job sites
  • Pre-screening and identification of candidate skills

  • One-on-one interviews

  • Industry-specific skill and knowledge testing

  • Reference checks to verify previous work experience and performance

  • JobTracks is an essential link in meeting the staffing needs of employers in your niche industry.

  • Driven by high standards of quality, customer service and cost efficiency, our Account Managers offer years of experience in the industry.

  • JobTracks understands the need to react quickly to rapidly changing market conditions and is pleased to serve as your partner in achieving the best results for your organization.


When you place a job order with one of our Account Managers, our rapid response policy guarantees that you will get a phone call the same day with an order status. Throughout the assignment, Account Managers will periodically make quality assurance calls to verify your continued satisfaction.


Once we have identified the best candidates, we will present you with their knowledge, skills and work history. The bill rate for the person you select will be determined by that candidate’s experience and the market salary rate.


If your employee is not performing to your expectations, JobTracks will immediately provide a suitable replacement. If you notify your Account Manager within the first four hours of the assignment, you will not be billed for the hours worked based on our “JobTracks Guarantee”.

JobTracks Working Interview

Whether it is for a temporary or permanent position, some JobTracks clients prefer to interview candidates before hiring. Our concern is that the best candidate may no longer be available by the time an interview has been scheduled and completed, so we offer the JobTracks Working Interview as a part of the JobTracks Guarantee. We will “place” the candidate with you and you will have four hours to observe that employee’s onsite performance. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the performance demonstrated during that four hours, just call your Account Manager and we will end the assignment, billing you nothing for the hours worked. We believe this is a much more effective way to evaluate a prospective employee’s capabilities than an interview alone could be.

What else?

JobTracks has an in-house team to handle payroll processing, tax administration, human resources and benefits administration for the employees we send you. We are fully bonded and insured.