Why Your Biz Needs More Temps


Posted by Mary Nen - 25 October, 2023


Why Your Biz Needs More Temps (and we aren't talking about the weather)

Amidst the tumult of economic instability, employment strategy has become a major concern for companies. One trend likely to increase in importance over time—although it's not widely deployed by business leaders yet—is the strategic use of temporary workers.

This course offers multiple benefits that could prove significant to long-term success.

Alleviating Internal Stress

A primary advantage of temporary hires is their ability to mitigate workplace stress on permanent employees. Engaged during periods of high demand, they provide an additional layer of resilience to an organization. Their active involvement helps maintain a balanced workload for other employees and avoids the danger of burnout.

This dynamic contributes to maintaining morale and increasing productivity in the work environment.

Minimizing Expenditures

Invoking a practical approach to financial stewardship, temporary hires offer notable cost efficiencies. The financial obligations of permanent hires, such as healthcare benefits and pension plans, are avoided when a company engages temporary workers. Staffing agencies, like JobTracks, often take on many of the responsibilities involved in hiring a temporary workforce.

Leasing labor allows businesses to meet fluctuating demands while keeping their costs predictable. With a long-term perspective, companies can make strategic decisions to position themselves for an economic rebound.

Future Employees?

The third key advantage of temporary hires lies in their value as prospective permanent employees. Businesses have the opportunity to assess the skill set, performance, and cultural compatibility of temporary workers while they are on assignment. If they are satisfactory, you have found a good worker before your competitors. Given these advantages, is it worth reconsidering your company's plans for temporary hires?

When wisely implemented, the use of temporary workers is not only a stopgap measure but also can represent a strategic advantage that helps an organization weather uncertain times while keeping an eye on the future.

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