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Uber Sellers think and act differently than average sales reps. What sets them apart?

We've all seen them, right? Title salespeople, who by far outperform the rest of the sales team. They are bringing in multiple millions in premiums while the rest are struggling to bring enough premiums to cover their salary. So how can title agency presidents and sales managers ensure they are recruiting the right people for the role? Sure, you can look at their book of business and assume past performance will guarantee future success, and in many cases, it does. But not in all cases.

Take, for example, a top producer for a large national title agency/underwriter. This person went into a territory where the title company had a 90% market share and provided all the tools, resources, and support any salesperson would dream of having. It was a sweet deal and easy to sell in that market. After a couple of years of very successful sales, the top producer gets a job offer, which includes a considerably large compensation to go work for another title company. The new title company was not as well known in that market and lacked the excellent tools, resources, and support this producer had grown to rely on for building his business. As you can already guess, his sales dropped drastically.

In some situations, you can hire a mediocre salesperson and put them in the right circumstance, and give them everything they need to be successful, and generally, they will be. However, we are not all so lucky as to have a title company with a brand that is well-known, has a dominant share of the market, and the capital to develop all the tools and resources needed to compete with the market-dominant title agencies. In these situations, you need an Uber Seller to turn those negatives into positives.

Which takes us to the topic of this article: what are the character traits of a title insurance Uber Seller? What does it take, and how do you look out for these traits when interviewing for the role? 

A person's attitudes, personality, and approach to work are key characteristics for professional success. Top producers possess a unique set of personality traits that enable them to succeed. Eight key character traits are essential for success:


People buy from people they trust and have a sense of comfort. Product and price are secondary. If a salesperson can build rapport more effectively than a competitor, they will close deals more effectively too. The best salespeople put themselves in other people's shoes — with no judgment or ulterior motives — to truly understand and help the other person. A salesperson who is empathic to their prospects, customers, and colleagues comes across as real, trustworthy, and not faking it, and they will reap the rewards that trust will bring.


Listening is the most essential part of any sales process. A good salesperson listens to learn a client's needs. The best salespeople aren't always talking. To be good listeners, salespeople must be naturally inquisitive. They should always be probing for more information to get to the root of their client's pain points and arm them with the knowledge to close the deal and get the prospect to trust them.


Creativity is critical in sales. You may not think so, because creativity is often associated with the arts, but it's true. The top performers in title insurance sales look at things differently. Their creative thinking and analytical skills enable them to offer solutions that others don't see. They are resourceful problem solvers who can come up with new and novel ways to help your customers — and by extension, your company.


When a salesperson loves their company or the product they are selling, it shows in their presentation. The most successful salespeople are usually championing for their businesses and products at the same time. Truly passionate salespeople work towards higher goals, like personal excellence and building long-lasting relationships. They are also passionate about their careers and always bringing their A-game.


Salespeople who thrive enjoy measuring their skills against their peers. They want to be the best, not just better at what they do. A study found a correlation between Uber Sellers and organized sports in high school. The study indicates that these high school athletes learned early in life to manage emotional disappointments and quickly recover from these losses, while mentally preparing themselves for the next opportunity to compete.


Uber-sellers know how to get the job done without being rude or pushy. They understand that most people face their most challenging obstacles before they reach their goals. Not only do they know how to recover from a dry spell, but they also don't get discouraged while their sales numbers are down. Instead, they look for innovative ways to turn things around.


The folks that are best at selling are also the most honest. They know that any fraudulent activity with their prospects and clients can lead to burned bridges, and the subsequent tarnished reputation can multiply and cost a lot more than one client.


The most effective salespeople know relationships are what drives sales, and they are personally driven by forming these long-term relationships. They know the importance of building trust and ensuring satisfaction in these relationships. The key here is authenticity. The relationship needs to be authentic, not merely transactional. The most successful salespeople never say goodbye to clients. They help support clients they've already sold to and reach out to prospects who have said no in the past.

Additionally, these Uber Sellers know that in title insurance requires a cohesive team. Those who are very successful nourish good relationships with their internal teams.

Bottom Line

If you look for these personality characteristics the next time you are recruiting a salesperson, you will be more likely to pick a winner. We definitely do look for these characteristics when we interview our candidates. We utilize a proprietary questionnaire designed to solicit answers that reveal the dominance of each character trait. Should you find yourself looking for an Uber Seller in your territory, contact me. We can discuss candidate opportunities we have available in your area. 

Otto Suarez
Executive Recruitment Manager


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